by Herons Wake

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Recorded during and after hurricane sandy.

"In parts of Ireland and parts of Scotland, particularly the Highlands, chime children were believed to possess the "second sight". It was always noted what children were born in the chimehours and they were closely watched as they grew to see how the gift would manifest itself. Tales were told of chime children who foresaw peoples' deaths before they occurred, or who saw the spirits of the deceased before even family realized they were dead. Many of those who possess this ability consider it a curse, and would be glad to be rid of it."


released November 5, 2012

Jacob Bornheimer - field recording, samples, guitar, mbira, organ



all rights reserved


Herons Wake Ottawa, Ontario

Organic sound, reverberating from the myriad basement apartments of Ottawa.


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Track Name: Chimehours
church bells are ringing
the chimehours are bringing
the kids out

don't let the babies you bore become anything else

changelings and meadows oh
graveyards and dead on
their shoulders

it's for their own good it is for their own good,
for your own good, it is for your own good
you told them

better to die as a babe so you'll live with the Lord

hush now my baby oh hush now my dear
hush now my baby there's nothing to fear
Track Name: Forestfire
how many years has it been?
what things we have done in-between
we'll go out separate ways
now we're done,
done with this place

it's a sick trap
it's a sick trap
and i don't even know it yet
it's a sick trap

maple, birch, and oak
burning brightly
through rising smoke

and i'm breathing this right out of the air
hoping someday i'll make it, somewhere

forest fire!
forest fire!
forest fire!
Track Name: A Sinking Feeling
a sinking feeling
when he finds you
eyes a'gleaming
redness beaming